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What is waterless and why it's better for your skin!

What is waterless and why it's better for your skin!

EVERY SINGLE Whamisa product is waterless - but what does that mean? It means that we do NOT use a single drop of plain water; instead, we replace it with nutrient packed botanical extracts and floral waters that nourish your skin.

If you look at the ingredient list of any aqueous product like toners, mists, lotions, and creams, you will most likely see aqua or water listed first. This means that your product contains distilled, purified, or deionised water more than any other ingredient on the list. Companies are legally required to declare the use of plain water, so there is no exception to this rule.

Water is primarily used as a solvent, and therefore it is a useful and valuable ingredient in dissolving water soluble active ingredients that come in powder form. It also allows companies to produce emulsions like lotions and creams. However, you can use more beneficial ingredients like aloe leaf extract to do the same, which is what we do in all of our products. The benefits of replacing plain water with aloe vera is endless. Not only is this miracle plant anti-inflammatory, but it is packed with antioxidants like beta carotene and vitamins, which makes it anti-ageing as well!

The claim for skin’s need for hydration is over-estimated. In reality, only a 10% concentration of water in the outer layer of skin is necessary for softness and pliability in this part of the epidermis. This is why Whamisa uses botanical extracts instead of filling our products with plain water that may not do much for your skin.

If you are looking for a way to hydrate your skin with more than just water, check out our nourishing and concentrated waterless formulas. You won't see water listed anywhere on the ingredient list!


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