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What 3 weeks of masking can do…

Sheet masks are commonly viewed as a “perk” or occasional “extra boost” for skin, so people tend to use them once or twice per week at best. However, just like with other skincare products, consistency does pay off…


While there is nothing wrong with using sheet masks to give your complexion a little extra care and nutrients from time to time, one of the alternative ways of using sheet masks is as an intensive course. This consists of applying a sheet mask 3-4 times per week over a 3-4 weeks period. The main reason for this recommendation is driven by our skin regeneration process which takes roughly a month.

So what happens? New skin cells are formed at the bottom layers of epidermis, which topical treatments cannot reach. The older skin cells are pushed upward by the new cells, so our body is constantly “shedding” old skin so to speak. Through regular and consistent application of deeply conditioning sheet masks you are incessantly nourishing your skin and ensuring your skin gets the most nutrients possible throughout the various stages of your skin's regeneration. This leads to much better overall complexion, reduced signs of ageing and improved skin tone.

We decided to conduct a 3 weeks test with the Whamisa Real Kelp Mask to show you the real results and benefits an intensive course like this can have. The actual sheet mask is made from real kelp and the serum is packed with powerful nutrients and minerals that our diet is frequently lacking. As we know, diet plays an important factor in skin condition and a lack of nutrients may manifest itself through the skin. Being mindful of a healthy diet, direct application definately gives a boost!


Conditions of the test:

·      Whamisa Real Kelp Mask was used 3 times per week over 3 weeks 

·      There were no changes in the skincare routine and diet over the 3 week period

·      The photos were not processed or edited in any way


Week 1:

Skin condition: Skin with dry patches and red acne-like breakouts induced by stress



Week 2:

Skin condition: After applying Whamisa Real Kelp Mask 3 times per week there are some major improvements already. The red spots are much, much calmer and less visible. This is a pretty remarkable result in such a short time frame, because anyone who suffers from stress induced breakouts knows that they can be very painful and tend to last for weeks on end without any signs of progress. The dry patches are gone, skin feels hydrated and skin tone looks much more even without any changes to my diet or skincare regime. Dare I say it, my skin seems to have a visible glow to it.



Week 3:

Skin condition: Although the difference is not as striking as between week 1 and week 2, the skin does feel and look healthier and firmer. The remnants of my breakouts are pretty much gone, which means I can go back to using my light BB cream without relying on heavy foundation to cover up. Overall, my face feels much more toned and even. Also, I have been receiving positive compliments on my skin from friends and asked several times whether I had gone for a facial done recently. 



 Impressed as we are? Why not give it a try…and kelp! Also avaliable in a pack of 5 link here.  

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